A pile of dead unsold jewellery and crystal stock which nobody wants and was buried deep in an old cardboard box somewhere in a warehouse once had a life in the shiny jewellery industry. It represents dinosaurs, plants or any living-things that once had a life in this world million years ago, died, forgotten, and fossilised into the nature. Time passed, they got discovered again in a new form called “fossil” ending up being something so precious in the museum.


Fossils have “ the power of transformation" which is the power to reincarnate the dead, bringing once-living things from the past back to life, giving the value back to the eyes of the people. It has the power to change the status of an object.


Now, it is time for these unsold jewellery stock to be discovered again in a new aspect of beauty. I want to bring up and enhance the beauty that has already existed in the pieces by re-forming, re-fitting, and re-using both the trace of old design and the pieces itself into a new design using the technique of combining, embedding, replacing, compressing the imprints to make a new piece of jewellery that contains and records the trace of the existence.


By extending the life of the designs, reusing and combining the old material, the concept of giving back the value to the pieces is sustainable. A new discovery can be found in old things. Let’s celebrate, praise and preserve the design and beauty of crystals forever in this timeless new fossil jewellery pieces.

© 2020 Bam Jansanjai