This project is to encourage people to go off-line and be closer to nature. According to the last project “Cyber High”, I think I would be better to give yourself a break from those chaotic cyber world. I decided to make a glasses that can grow trees as a nature barrier between your eyes and the technology to stop your eyes from getting information from the cyber world. 


The main colour of this project is “Green”. Everyone knows that green is a colour of nature. I always hear my mom telling me to look at something green to relax reduce visual fatigue

the eye after a long use of computers or smartphones.” which I do agree. Green can improve eyesight.  Absorption and reflection of light is varied with different colours. In which, the reflectivity of green is the lowest. Modern science has proved that green plants can decrease the irritation of eyes and can absorb drastically UV. 


The final piece comes as a kit contained green transparent glasses as a shape of sleeping eye mask (giving you the feeling of relaxation), two braided gardening ropes to attach to the glasses, one trowel, one watering can, a pack of plant seeds and a bag of soil. Your can create your own unique glasses by growing out trees or flowers in the containers. The design of this glasses is mainly inspired from gardening activities, equipment, and tools.


There are a lot of possibilities to develop this project further. I can consider using different types of plants, such as Ivy trees, Spanish moss, herbs that are good for your body and health, aromatic plants and flowers that give you a relaxing scent.


* Everything in this project is 100% handmade in analog ways. *

© 2020 Bam Jansanjai