This project began from the brief of leather utilisation leading to the adaptation, experimentation, and new solution to the innovative material.


According to many resources from websites and leather market survey, various formats of leather utilisation are noticed, such as leather carving, dying for interesting surfaces and colours, embossing for substitute crocodile and ostrich leather, etc.


From the beginning of leather experimentation, it was quite difficult to find unique characteristic of this material. During the process of leather punching, I found out that the huge amount of leather excess is very interesting. When I put 

a lot of excess disc together, an attractive pattern and a new touch of texture was discovered resulting in this experimental project.


This project is called Hybrid Python. It is a new innovative material made from recycled cow leather to recreate expensive looking python leather. The leather waste from the leather industry and furniture industry will be utilised to the utmost benefit.


Python skin is one of the most premium leather in the world. They have high consuming in fashion industry. Because of their beauty and luxurious feeling, they are selected by high-end fashion houses like Gucci and Hermes. In my opinion, the fact that they kill pythons just for their skin is not sustainable. So I decided to use off-cut cow leather to recreate the beauty of python skin by using a leather hole punch to make holes onto painted cow leather then elaborately put each excess disc back onto the leather to give the value back to unwanted leather. This technique is very delicate. It requires high craft skills. The finish is jewellery-like. So it has a lot of possibility to develop. It can also recreate other kinds of leather, such as stingray and other exotic reptiles. This might be a new chapter in leather industry. 


99% genuine cow leather is used for this prototype. I decided to add some small amount of metal items for more elegant looks. Putting the cow leather disc together is purely handmade similar to diamond embedding watch process. In spite of the time consuming process, the high value of craftsmanship is reflected. I also use the technique of leather skiving recommended by my tutor to create a replica pattern of python belly. To my way of thinking, diamond and some other  precious stones can be elaborated and developed for jewellery industry in the future.

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