This project is developed from the last project, Dust, 2015. I started this project in 2015 which is about sustainable design with the idea of using drying machine dust, collected from the laundry room in my student accommodation. I feel that there are a lot of potential in the material that I could develop. So I bring this project back again in 2017.


I expand the area of material a bit more to “fabric dust". I interviewed a few laundry shop owners in my neighbourhood about what will happen to the dust produced in the laundry process and dry cleaning to find out more about the material. They all said  that dust is useless. They just threw it away. I was a bit disappointed to know that people really don’t see the usage of it.


I then started to collect different types of dust, i.e. dryer lint dust from the laundry shops, bobbles from my friends’ wool sweaters (They were all very happy like getting a new sweater.) I used the technique of felting to combine all the dust together. The reason why I chose felting is that dust from dryer lint almost reminds me of the texture of felt. Besides, wool bobbles can be felted! After I finished my necklace, I returned to one of the laundry shops and show what I have made. They got very surprised seeing the outcome of a new fluffy necklace made from what they called “waste”.

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