Have you ever wandered around in a cyber world and accidentally entered the weird part of the Internet? This jewellery piece is to capture the feeling you have when you look at weird internet arts (net art and vapourware). Weird colours, textures and surrealistic shapes floating randomly in the space give you the feeling of hallucination, dreamy, creepy but at the same time calm. 


Then I came up with the idea of getting "Cyber High” through the visual of Japanese Vapourware because the feeling you have when travelling in the weird cyber world gives quite the same effect as when you intake drugs or when you get high. It's like a mixed feeling of sweet and bitter experience. When you take a trip into the cyber world, sometimes you feel that you have had enough and want to stop, but you go too deep and cannot pull yourself back. Internet is like drugs, you tend to easily get addicted to it!!


Cyber world is very easy to access just like walking into a toy store it is something mass. You will be just like a little kid attracted by colourful toys. Once you pick a box of toy, open it and start to play, you’ll feel so addictively happy. So I decided to express this feeling through this conceptual jewellery set in a box of toy. 

© 2020 Bam Jansanjai